Candle Gnome
Homemade candles in a variety of cute shapes.

Handmade candles in cute shapes.
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Made in Maine, USA
Bucket of Flowers candle $10.00
Flowers in a Wooden Bucket Candle
Flowers in a wooden bucket is  2-1/4" high and 2" wide.  It is made with natural soy and paraffin waxes.  Shown in lavender.
Gift Boxed, Wrapped and Gift Card
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*Our shaped candles are intended for the purposes of adding a mild pleasant fragrance to any room in your home and for decorative purposes.  If you wish to burn the candle, we recommend that you put the candle in a glass cup or jar before lighting it.  This is not only for safety purposes, but it will also greatly increase the burn time of your candle.
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